Monday, November 10, 2008

Birthday Boy - Vishnu Kaura

Most of you guys who happen to read this nearly dead blog might not know Vishnu but to cut through the clutter - He's my college buddy - my uncle's son - closer to me than other bums but we fought like cats and dogs in college. Of course I was the bitch.

Anyway its his 27'th Birthday today - 27 years of splendid living without any guilt on this planet. Hence I'm writing this post to commemorate his birthday by writing 27 things about Vishnu (not necessarily in any order)
1) Lucky Kabootar Night - Vishnu high on pot showing his erectomoto to some Mr Singh.
2) Red Streaks in the hair
3) Do gays pierce left or right eyebrow? - Too long a tale to tell but he got both of his eyebrows pierced because he was not sure whether gays belong to the left or right party
4) Woman # 1 - Too personal to mention in front of u gossip mongers
5) Woman # 2 - Too personal to mention in front of u gossip mongers
6) Traveling with the Nani
7) Riding simran - what a bitch !
8) Hanuman Mandir - Tilankhedi - Those sumptuous samoosas and bakarwadi
9) The afternoon in the bushes - Too personal to mention in front of u gossip mongers
10) The tale of the hairy ass - lower ur pants spread the hair
11) Sheikh mehboob joke
12) The saga of fungus striken laddoos
13) Kaho na pyar hai misadventure in first year
14) Curries and rolls at Top in Town
15) Sleeping with our teddy - Suri
16) Valentine day bout with Akhil Suri
17) Those awesome morning rides to the tuition with Vishnu hiding behind me sleeping
18) Bribing 4'th yr college prof with Indian sweets
19) The broken bed of first year
20) The untimely visit by pappi bhaiya with his teenage daughter to a boys hostel
21) Having babies in 4'th year - I even forgot that guy's name now
22) Sundhi Sir - The ass which got shaped by Vishnu. Kudos
23) His effing long trips to the kebab factory in the hostel
24) Mehra the illegitimate kid who was also a kota spy
25) Days of Vishnu pumping iron in the college
26) Baby sitting Udai
27) Vishnu the Mirchi seth or Vishnu the Miranda or Vishnu the challi wala

Happy Birthday Man

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A review of Social Media in 2008

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Making of the Spiderman

Some things worth mentioning:-
1) While standing in the line to get his face painted. Lil Jasraj saw some other kid get a Spiderman and starting crying saying that 'Its his Spiderman' :-)
2) After getting the face done. He refused to be recognize his name but yes call him Spiderman and he'll listen

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Experiments !!

Some of the pictures played around with over the weekend

Friday, June 20, 2008

Movie Review - The Incredible Hulk

Crazy Insane Roars by Edward Norton kept up waking Aastha as and when she dozed off over my shoulder to add on to this were the great effects...water dripping down angry Bruce's face...his nerves all tensed up and popping. Beautiful Liv Tyler and great action scenes on the younge st in front of Zanzi Bar.

Obviously the movie is miles away from reality. Military hammering bullets in colleges and streets. Generals putting 'Hulk mode' inducing serum or semen call it whatever you would it in dingy medical rooms behind a curtain to willing soldier. In the end capitalizing on the Iron Man success the director bought in Robert Downey Jr of the Stark Industries fame to team with the Hulk to lay the foundation for the sequel.

Haven't seen the first Hulk but definitely you won't miss anything if you don't go.


Sunday, June 08, 2008

Movie Review - Sarkar Raj

Reasons to watch sarkar raj
1) Sarkar the first part was amazing
2) The director Ram Gopal Verma is known to give great cinematography
3) The Father, The Son and the Daughter in Law from the bachan family are great actors

and fuck yes they bring in a great performance. Sarkar Raj can be compared to the God Father series but its way better. All credit to amazing cinematography, background score and dialogs like 'Killing some one is a crime. Killing some one at the right time is Politics'

Amitabh at his usual - getting himself completely in the role of subash nagre. Abhishek looking amazing in his prim and proper suits and the stuble. Aishwarya and yeah the fat stones in her ears. The story line is good not great. Had it been Amitabh who would have hit the sack then it would have been a regular OOB story line but yes with Abhishek passing out makes the whole movie more interesting in an aging man's coming back to controlling his empire. The movie starts on with depicting the whole power struggle between the father and son so the end becomes all the more interesting.

Verdict: The movie's worth a watch on the big screen.

Friday, June 06, 2008

Row Bitches !!

Once you get married you start to do couple sports. Sports like Rowing which seem so easy standing at the deck with the beer in you hand. In reality its a different story.

Aastha and me started rowing 4-5 weeks back once a week along with some people from office. We are practicing for the competition next weekend - June 14'th. Grueling sport wrecks a havoc on ur back and ass muscles. You need to wear special hard bottomed rowing shorts like these
I would not deny it - we suck at it. Lack of timing..lack of participation from the group..lack of stamina. Call it we have it. :-( The only good thing which I now have to boast about are the manly blisters on my hands I get every week.

The cool thing about rowing is that one person gets to be the coaxie who steers the boat while other people row. The coaxie also gets to shout(urge) the team to row faster blah blah. This is the only place where I'm going to submit my suggestion for the war cry which I find very cool




Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Apple On Newton's Head

Took a day off from sitting in the Office and decided to WFH and as I was casually sipping my last bottle of leffe it stuck me what my profile says "This is my story, Ass Kicking and All".

Now the leffe is done and I feel that though I have successfully kicked many puppy and wise asses into shape and into place I have started to wonder if nature has started its restoration process. I'm in a state where its a deadlock.

My foot finding the exact soft spot just happens to be my ass only.